Many of the posts here were provoked by a book I’ve read recently or been reminded of. It helps me organize my thoughts and let the lessons sink in. For me, posting things here is like exercise, i.e., it’s good for me whether anyone else notices or not.

I created my first web site with a free hosting provider in 1996 as a hobby and just for fun, but many of the skills I learned in the process worked their way over to my career and helped me make a living. At that time, as the World Wide Web was just beginning to be configured, explored and staked out, it was intoxicating to plant something in that fertile ground. It was a new forum for untamed organic expression, whether all you knew was the <p> tag or you could write Javascript and Perl code.

The server wasn’t mine, but the code, text and images were, and on that platform—unlike any previous medium—they could be viewed instantly by anyone anywhere in the world. In the first few months, I received email comments from people in 17 countries. If you thought about it at all, a big part of creating your own site was deciding what it would be about: What do I have some knowledge of? What can I contribute? Those personal sites were like a community garden planted for its own sake.

Alas, now we mostly have little storefronts in somebody else’s mall. These are mine:




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  1. Rick

    NeoCities, built in 2013 by Kyle Drake, 33, a web entrepreneur based in Palo Alto, Calif., is a homage to GeoCities, the early web hosting platform. “I really hate the modern internet,” Mr. Drake said. “My vision is to bring back making websites as a creative thing, not just as a business thing.” More than 140,000 websites have been created through his platform.

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